Why Did I Choose Seminary?

Today, the Gardner-Webb University (GWU) School of Divinity hosted its Spring Preview Day. I was asked by our wonderful Director of Admissions if I would be willing to join the prospective students for lunch; delighted to have another opportunity to share my passion for this program, I accepted the opportunity. While eating lunch with some prospective students, I blatantly asked them why they were considering seminary. To no surprise, they replied, “God has called me into ministry.” Each student had the same undeniable call to go to seminary and pursue the path in which God has called them. Although not all of them will end up at GWU, I know that they are on a path that will lead them on a new and exciting journey. CPE Emphasis Chapel (March 18, 2014)

After lunch, the question I asked the prospective students continued to resonate within me, and I found myself wrestling with it all afternoon: Why did I choose seminary? 

The Journey to Seminary:

The answer to this is rather lengthy, so I will do my best to practice “lucid brevity,” as I am frequently encouraged to do by Dr. McConnell. My journey to seminary started my sophomore year in undergrad when I became a Young Life (YL) leader at a local high school in Shelby, NC. This was my first experience in the world of ministry. I quickly learned that ministry was messy, tough, and draining, yet beautiful and rewarding. YL became the avenue through which God would begin to reroute my life. However, as a young Christian, I was completely naïve to the complexities of this call.