About Michael

Hello! My name is Michael Heredia. I am a follower of Christ, a husband, a minister, and a student. I currently serve as the Student Pastor at Westview Baptist Church in Shelby, NC. I am also a student at the Divinity School of Gardner-Webb University.

I have been married to my beautiful bride, Caitlin, since June 8, 2013. We are a prime example of a “young married couple”: young, dreamers, and poor, but we love every day of our lives. Caitlin is currently on a 2.5-year strenuous journey called PA (Physicians Assistant) School. One day we have hopes to own a dog, have some children, and own house. However, our number one priority is to honor and serve God in all that we do and show love and compassion to all with whom we come in contact.

I am nerd. I love learning. My primary interests are: New Testament Studies, Pauline Studies, Christian Ethics, Biblical Languages, Christian Theology, Church and Society, Church Leadership, Christianity’s Relationship with other World Religions, Young Adult and College Ministries, and the Contemporary Christian Church. I also love reading, writing, preaching, teaching, playing disc golf, hiking, playing music, and I always have a ton of questions about everything circulating in my mind.

Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope the things you read are encouraging, challenging, and interesting. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post on my blogs! If you are ever in Boiling Springs please contact me! I would love to have coffee and talk about life.

Disclaimer: The thoughts and theological viewpoints expressed here represent my own and not any institution or organization with which I am affiliated.

“Let love be genuine.” -Romans 12:9



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